About the Fair

Organized by Nobel Expo Fair Organization, the Nobel ANAMAK Anatolian Wood and Metal Processing Machinery and Technologies Fair stands as the most significant meeting point for wood and metal processing machinery, technologies, and the furniture sub-industries. The fair brings together the latest technology machines and the most demanded products in the furniture and steel door sectors.

Taking place in the city of Kayseri, the center of furniture and steel door production in Turkey, known for its quality products, easy transportation, and competitive prices, ANAMAK 2025 brings together furniture and steel door manufacturers, suppliers, industry professionals, and qualified buyers from over 40 countries worldwide. This event offers high-potential collaborations, trade, and export opportunities. Through Hosted Buyer Programme, the Nobel ANAMAK Anatolian Wood and Metal Processing Machinery and Technologies Fair provides a one-to-one meeting opportunity with professional buyers from abroad. The fair will take place between April 16th and April 19th, 2025, at the Kayseri OSB International Exhibition Center. Discover the latest technologies with Nobel ANAMAK, establish new business connections with industry-leading companies, and boost your business!

Exhibitor Profile

  • Wood Processing Machine and Equipment Companies
  • Surface Treatment Machine and Equipment Companies
  • Machinery Companies for Forestry, Timber, and Lumber Products
  • Industrial and Sectoral Software Companies
  • Conveyor, Transport, Storage Equipment Companies
  • Cutting Tools, Tool Holders, and Other Equipment
  • Manufacturers of Aluminum Production and Processing Machines
  • Dust Collection, Ventilation, and Filter Systems
  • Machine and Equipment Companies Used in Packaging

Product Groups

  • Machinery and equipment for forestry, logs, and lumber products
  • Wood processing machines and equipment
  • Surface treatment machines and equipment
  • Machinery and equipment used in packaging
  • Cutting tools, tool holders, and other equipment
  • Dust collection, ventilation, and filter systems
  • Conveyor, transport, and storage equipment
  • Drying ovens, impregnation systems, and energy boilers
  • Profile Manufacturing Machines
  • PVC corner welding and cleaning machines
  • Industrial and sectoral software, machine components, and automation technologies
  • Plastic crushing and recycling machines
  • Companies producing fabric and sponge cutting machines
  • Aluminum production and processing technologies, machines, products, accessories, and raw materials
  • Cutting and profiling machines
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric hand tools
  • Extruders, milling, polishing, drilling machines
  • Robot CNC lines
  • Saws

Why Should You Participate?

Nobel Kapex Door, Window and Accessories Fair, Anatolia's largest gateway to exports, will be an exceptional networking platform for its visitors. By bringing together leading sector companies and visitors from all around the world, it will make a significant contribution to our country's exports.

Access New Markets

By meeting one-on-one with professional buyers from different regions of the world, you can closely monitor customer demands, establish new business connections, and export to new markets.

Increase Brand Awareness

Connect with local and international purchasing experts and industry professionals who will visit your booth. By introducing your brand and products, you can strengthen your brand value, become more recognized, and capitalize on the success of the fair to add value to your business.

Expand Your Customer Portfolio

Through intensive pre-fair and during-fair promotion and marketing efforts, you can expand your customer portfolio. By establishing business connections with customers from different countries, you can increase your business volume.

Deliver Innovative and Engaging Presentations

You can introduce your latest technology products and newest services to the market. By making engaging presentations to potential customers visiting the fair, you can effectively promote your brand.

Stay Informed about Industry Developments

Being present at the same fair as industry-leading companies allows you to track your competitors, make industry comparisons, and observe sectoral trends. By observing these trends, you can guide your production based on the demands you receive.

Build Business Connections

By creating an international network with visitors and participants from different regions of the world, you can increase your trade volume, establish new collaborations and partnerships, and make profitable business deals.

Take your place at ANAMAK Anatolian Wood and Metal Processing Machinery and Technologies Fair!

Why Should You Visit?

Compare Products and Prices

All products of the door and window sector will be exhibited from A to Z at the fair and you will have the opportunity to easily compare the products and prices of different companies.

Stay Updated with the Latest Developments in the Industry

More than 100 companies and 200 brands will come together at the fair. You can closely follow the latest developments and innovations in the sector.

Competitive Prices and Good Quality of Designs

You can easily access the highest quality designs at the most competitive prices in the sector.

Make Profitable Deals

You can make profitable business deals in Kayseri, a city known for its high production capacity and easy transportation.

Enhance Your Professional Network

By meeting with industry-leading companies and brands, you can enhance your professional network.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

You will have the opportunity to have one-to-one meetings with domestic and foreign company owners and top-level executives, and create new business opportunities.

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